You are allowed to leave and leave – all and every one

People will condemn you if you leave a job that destroys you if you leave the marriage you are dying if you leave the child you were born. But he will condemn you for less. It is enough that you live the way you want, according to what you are, if you are not in line with what they are and what they think you need to be. But you feel like you are leaving and you leave anyone who smashes you and throws you down, all that hangs you down instead of reviving you. If you do it with full awareness and responsibility. Because everything has its own price.

You get out of every story you do not want to be in, where you are not the main heroine in which you do not like yourself You are allowed to go and look for happiness, even though he has been looking for the rest of your life. You are allowed to go when everyone thinks it’s too late for you and you have to get rid of where you are, because doing so is decent. You feel like you are a totally useless person when it comes to finding yourself, your fulfillment, your personal peace with yourself, about what’s most important to you. You may have priorities that no one else chooses and why you will all be offended (see, they will always do that), you might put yourself in the first place, just as decent people do not do.



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