Why are you a psychopath magnet?

Why are you a psychopath magnet?

Are you attracted to psychopaths, or are you attracted to them? Dilemma of what's older – a hens or egg. But you do not see at first sight that some psychopaths are not written on his forehead. He is delightful, cheerful, intelligent, warm and passionate – everything you can just want to find in a man. But when you are in love with him and go without a return, his livelihood becomes psychosis, his intelligence is cruel, fraudulent and lying, and his charm is directed to others – those who do not yet know who they are dealing with. He is a bully, if he is not very inclined to hit you, then he is very involved in emotional and psychological abuse. Scenario is similar every time someone catches you and when you think you've found love.

Does that make you something on your forehead? What do you attract psychopaths?

You Show High Level of Empathy

You are very sensitive, you are inclined to wait for help and do not give up, trying to figure out a problem and find a way to soften it or cut it. You are conscious of your empathy and it is clear to you that you are more preposterous and understanding than many others, that you can easily put yourself in one's position and never come to terms superficially and unilaterally. These are wonderful features that your friends love and appreciate, and they often talk to you when they are confused and under charge, to help them look at things from a broader perspective and do it for you – among other things, your role in society and interpersonal relationships. That's right. Psychopaths are extremely sensitive types, too, and they immediately register a high level of empathy, knowing that you will not be so easy to give up, you will endure all of their madness in an attempt to discern them and help them find themselves and integrate. You believe that everybody can work on themselves, that everyone should be helped and everybody deserves a second (third, sixth, thousandth) chance. You will only quit when you feel really vulnerable and when you realize that you can not help someone who does not want to help.

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