Why are the girls who have long been the happiest in the end?

While other girls are looking for boys, future husbands, happiness in love, she who long for herself does not ask for anything and finds herself. Perhaps she is withdrawn and restrained, but she has her reasons, which are not obvious and can not come to terms with her behavior. Did she ever fall in love? Has she lost her trust and never again discovered it again in relation to some man? Or maybe you keep it to yourself, in a way that few people know – it does not compromise with self-esteem. If she does not like how someone behaves towards her, if she does not point to respect, attention, and sadness, she does not stay with him for the reasons that most women end up in bad relationships – love, bondage, good sex, fear of loneliness. In fact, she has no reason to love someone who is not good to her, who does not provide her as much as she deserves – and if she first falls in love, it will not influence her decision not to suffer any stupidity, that is, fit to less than what it deserves.

Are you such a girl? Or you've decided to become such, because you want to rest from giving, since you're alone, even if you wanted something else, than you always end up injured and the ultimate time to do everything – for your own good. Behind you is the period of solitude, before you may be a longer period of solitude, but that is what you choose – better alone than in a bad relationship. You may have chosen it out of despair, sorry, in vain, but whatever you go, you will find that real motive – self-esteem, love for oneself, keeping your common sense and mind-peace

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