Who is the best, and who is the worst partner in the horoscope?

Every sign of the horoscope has some specific qualities and disadvantages, and people fit more or less into these general characteristics. Check out the list of guys from the best to the worst – they are like partners in this regard, judging by the horoscope:


Surprise! The men’s rank list is completely different from the female – Shocks are the worst partners, but men are at the leading spot as dedicated partners. Scorpions have a bad reputation, deep, even dark and complicated but charming and very harizmatic. If you win his heart, you will love you always, with all the power of your passion and at all levels of your complex nature. Scorpio’s guy is authentic and needs his space and is brutally honest, so his partner needs to fully understand and respect him. If he cripples you and hurt you for something (brutal sincerity often does), he will eventually give you everything you can to be happy and confident in his love and loyalty.


They often fall in love at first glance – they immediately see the future and go to her without hesitation. A man in the sign of the Twins is a real gentleman, he endeavors to always be kind and honest (perhaps not always alive but struggling) and his greatest value is the ability of empathy. He tries to put himself in your position and to understand your feelings not as he sees them, but just as you are experiencing them. As a partner, it will motivate you and inspire you to do your best in the areas that interest you, it will be your backdrop and the coolest fan.



The heaviest of all the characters, Man Scale is on the top third place of this list (while the girl’s Vaga is right there, in the fourth) for almost the same reasons. He will avoid any conflict that is possible to escape and will wisely lead his battles – he is tolerant, selfless and ready to provide all he has, but when he is fighting, he goes to victory and is most likely to succeed in it. He will fight for love and bond in a way that completely disarms, without drama and learned, without emotional games, with lots of charm and tact, self-confident and very conscious of everything that is happening. Libra likes to be in the center of attention and is very galant in dealing with women, but it does not have to worry you – it does not act like some other men who are just jinns when they are to show but really are Such, first of all to his girlfriend and woman, always put in front of everyone else.


He loves domination but loves and challenges – when he meets a woman who is strong, independent, smart, passionate, inspired and inspired by him. He will never end up with a weak or untrue woman. But he expects you to deserve his time and attention. If he works hard, demanding and arrogant, that’s because he tests you. And if you pass through his examinations and reach his heart, you will know the side that others do not know. Everything you want and ask for will be a law for him.

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