What would you do if you had 3 hours more time alone for yourself?

It was one of those days when I thought it was impossible to have more obligations than I had at that moment, What about the extra work, about the faculty and the exam, and it was a bit devoted to arranging the apartment, not to say personal life. Because, hey, what is your personal life? What is free time ? Here, I do not know! I did not know then …

My problem is that, whenever I have obligations of any nature, just pressed from all sides, I somehow start to panic rather than concentrate on solving them or I like to go into the detailed planning of everything that, although it helps, Sometimes I miss it because I’m losing precious time And then when I understand and figure out what I need to do, “I adore” to be nervous about what, say, when I did not do this I would do it, How much time do I need for this item, how much for that, so what do they think from me so much time, do I have to sleep at night so that everything ends up and so in the circle. Oh yes, I know they think of me like a centrifuge. What am I going to do? For example (here, to “submerge” your nervousness due to the crowd of obligations), did you know that we spend a year and three months in the middle of a lifetime doing household maintenance ?! Did you know that you left for four hours and 13 minutes each week, cleaning the kitchen and washing dishes for an hour and 38 minutes a week, and bathing for another hour? If I could only spend my time doing something that relaxes me and what is happening to me … The world would seem like a much better place, right?


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