What to Talk to a Person with whom You Begin to Live

Even when it comes to partnership, when you can barely wait for a place to stay on forever and the bed you sleep together, there will not be much Easier when joint life begins. Common housing is practically in many ways – economical, solving the issue of loneliness, learning about sharing and responsibility, tolerance and setting limits – but never fulfilling expectations. Because you do not expect to learn about tolerance and responsibility in some difficult and perhaps painful way, or to teach that to somebody. Maybe you do not know what you expect, but you certainly believe it will be great. You will most likely want to do so if you do not even get to the most inexperienced partner in the world, the most cuddly rogue ever, or to some ill-pedantic who will have your mediocre interest and ability to maintain order at the level of the pig's stay. Before you start sharing a life with someone, you should seriously discuss and agree on the most important items, not just paying your bills.

Location – Neutral or Neutral

Whether you are moving to someone, or you, or looking for apartment together, makes the most important difference when it comes to housing. Because if he is a boss, then he sets the rules, he is the landlord, although he is a pretty roommate, he is favored in many subtle and banal ways. In a partnership relationship, if one of you moves to another, you will have to adapt to the existing home rules, especially if you start living together with family members (yours or ones) who are right there, on the floor below, or in the house next to them. If you have a relative right behind the wall (below the ceiling), your common life is under the prism, and your independence and separation of illusion. So carefully consider the decision about the conditions of common life and be prepared for traps – he might be accustomed to having a mom coming every morning and having a little focus and looking at the coffee, you may have used to go bare throats – these are just the most bland examples, and has thousands of things that make up the comfort and privacy that will impact the environment and the environment in which you are starting to live together.

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