"To Do" Applications That Will Make You Finally Organized

To Understand Right At The Beginning – I'm Devica in a Horoscope and I Just Must Plan! Writing, Lists, Papers, Pens, Blocks, Planners, Organizations, Movements – My Everyday Life. And yes, I know that I'm coping with planning and I'm aware that I have to be spontaneous, but what am I going to do. Of course, when I know that I need to do more things, I have to write it down to determine exactly what to do and how, of course, something I would not forget. I really think I'm sick sometimes, but it also happened to me that the paper with the plans saved me. So, sometimes it's ok to be crazy Devica in the horoscope.

No. What is the issue for planners, blocks and paper-based "To Do" lists is that you can never see them. That's what you write down all over, but you still need to have a reminder to look at what you wrote down. Or you lose the paper. I guess … Therefore, the solution that is verified and really "works" is in your phone (which I believe you do not disconnect) and the great "To Do" applications that you can to download and to help you finally become organizational Or a little less fright, if you're like me. Here's what apps are really a great choice:

Remember the Milk

This free application is a great balance between simple and pro "To Do" lists. It's also related to your Google Google Calendar, and all the devices you use and synchronize with all the reminders you have. Additionally, you can share it with your contacts if you need to do some of them (great for work)
 Remember Milk1 To Do app for which you will finally become organizational "src =" http://wannabemagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Remember-Milk1.jpg "width =" 670 "height =" 586 "title =" To Do application for which you will finally become organizational "/>

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