This is the only trend you should follow this fall.

Oh yes, we still did not agree with that coming fall (meaning to be forgiven of flying, smokers) let’s not agree with the fact that we need to move away from some of our favorite flip charts and replace them with that fall. For example, during the spring and summer we almost did not come out of millennial pink, but autumn is no longer time for her. We need a color that is somewhat darker, “stronger” and more in line with the new year and it is so – red ! So the only trend you should follow this fall is the red color trend, and here’s how you can get involved in your everyday style.

With pink

Millennial pink combined with a rich border shade can look so stylish on that cool street style way. So do not be afraid of these unexpected combinations especially if you combine a dark border with a light or “dirty” pink hue. Our favorit – pink sweater and leather skirt! so sexy!


With Chained

Red is a color that can often be found in rugged designs, so it is logically excellent and agrees with them. For example, you can bite red plush skirt, your favorite sweater and boots, and all that “round you up” with a touching coated coat !



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