Things That Every Reddish Girl Should Know

Whether you are intentionally or from birth redhead, one thing is for sure – no one enjoys it and does not entertain you like yourself. And while blacks and blondes are arguing over who is cooler, who enjoys life more and which is more appealing to men, redheads relate to victory. As the rest says: “ While fighting, the third one uses the situation ” It often turns out that the girls with ribbon or red hair are very specific and interesting characters, fairly tedious but powerful “always” Attractive and always in the center of attention. But those who are sometimes “shunned” at the very least when it comes to neglecting or just a way of styling and caring for the hair, so here are the things that every redhead of a girl has to know!

Hair Mask

Although every girl who is likely to fall off a flute often because she has to be regular and can not even have her hair color to “shame” to keep her longer on her head, the most realistic and biggest problem with this however have redheads . It is very important in some way that you are neglecting your hair because red color for up to two weeks may look OK, after which it becomes brighter and completely uneven. Of crucial importance is the regular application of some quality hair masks that affect the maintenance and preservation of color, so do not take this step to skip.


Used in Natural Tricks

Hair dye is not only held by expensive preparations and various products that are drugstore, but some of the foods you have in your fridge, scoop can serve as well … An excellent way to “refresh” your color and extend time to The next thing you do is to apply wet sugar or sugarcane juice to your wet hair, keep it on your head for about 20 minutes and then wash it out of the ordinary. You will see a huge change, because your color will look cooler, more smooth, and the hair will surely be negated, because these juices do not have anything to do to harm it.

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