Things That a Good Partner Will not Do

When you fall in love, you tend to ignore warning signs, because you do not want something bad to happen, you vaguely hope that negative things will disappear, focus on the good and the good, So that you improve your relationship and that you will thrill through the power of feeling the bad and defeating. But bad things do not disappear from oneself and it is necessary to talk about them, to expose themselves, to demash and to change. Unless it is sometimes possible and there is no other solution than a breakup. So you need to be clear about what is acceptable and what is not. This list of things that a good partner does not work can help you orient yourself.

A good partner will not criticize your appearance

He will not pronounce sentences like “you could have a little more makeup, you need to skip these few pounds, you do not bend in blue” and so on. Especially you will not comment on what you can not change in your appearance – shape and size of your breasts, say. A good partner accepts what you find and that you are pretty, pretty, sweet and sexy.

Does not Disturb Your Privacy

There is no need to be hidden in the good relationship, no phones, no Fejsbuk, no telephone conversations. But that does not mean that your partner has the right to take your phone without any questions, or to search for the code of your order on Fejs. Someone who does this shows their insecurity and projects their weaknesses and instability and should not be ignored.


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