#TheCoolest Gucci pieces we saw at the Fashion Week in Milan

#TheCoolest Gucci pieces we saw at the Fashion Week in Milan

Sunday Fashion in Milan. Street style. Gucci. Suffice it to succeed at the very beginning to figure out what was going on in the streets of the Italian fashion factory during the Nedel mode. Yes, it is not Rome but it can pass. And how can he pass!

It can be said that designer Alesandro Mikele really surpassed himself with a new and yet recognizable way of introducing all "IT" pieces with the signature of a famous fashion house – starting with very attractive and kul bags, all the more interesting and definite statement of sweaters whose prints and inscriptions could not pass unnoticed! So the streets were full of "head to toe" stalls, and there were those who decided for a somewhat more humorous version, so their autffs "spiced" with only recognizable detail.

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