The First Signs of Warning That He Is Not a Person for You

Things are developing on the grounds on which they started. If you are not satisfied from the beginning, something irritable, surprising, confused, frightened, or simply unacceptable, it will continue to be (and will be more pronounced) if you do not deal with these things in the beginning – in the sense that you understand them seriously and not You think that it will change later, but that you wonder how later it will escalate and whether you need it in life.

He does not initiate matches

It’s like he’s got everything when you’re going to see it. And, as if he’s always so busy, some things he does not define very clearly. He always waits for an orphan who needs to bring something to him, or who he needs for anything, or he has to go somewhere, he has to say it all over, he does not know where to go. But it seems like all these things are more interesting and fun than the idea of ​​spending some time with you.

From questions about how much you are interested in and whether you like it at all, to the question of whether he likes women – they are all early warning signs that you should never ignore.

He does not care to meet you

Your specific interests, attitudes and beliefs that make you what you are, seemingly not interested in it. When you try to tell him how you spent the day, or what attracted you, he was delighted with you, laughed, was angry, he was acting absently, as if you were to smear that story. Your life philosophy, political orientation, hobbies, ambitions and goals – talk to someone else, says his indifference.

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