SVUCI ME – OBUCI ME: Nataša i Jovan Pekić (epizoda 7)

In the previous episode of the fashion show and "" Shmakeup Magazine and Fashion & Friends designed and realized, we had the opportunity to Aleksandar and Milos and now it's time to see who this couple is still competing for their place in the Fashion & Friends fashion show for the fall / winter 2017/18

The seventh episode presents us with brother and sister, Natasa and Jovan Pekic coming from Novi Sad. Like all couples so far, they have told us some of their characteristics, what they like to do together, how close they are, but they have presented to us all their styles, all they love to carry, so they showed it through their two autfits.

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<p data-recalc-dims= And then it was time to get a stylistic task, so from the so-called "Style Balls" monohromatic look came out. "" "" "" these are of course commented by those who are most competent in the fashion world, a jury made up of fashion editors, fashion photographers, makeup artist- and … It's time to look at the episode, because perhaps a new face for fashion Fashion & Friends for fall / winter 2017/18

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