SVUCI ME – OBUCI ME: Campaigning + behind the scene

SVUCI ME – OBUCI ME: Campaigning + behind the scene

We came to the very end of the show and " Make Me Shut Me – ", which means it's time to see which of the eight contestants have managed to take their place in Fashion & Friends fashion / autumn 2017/18 fashion show.

Through nine episodes we met Nikola Kljajić and Sanja Uzelac, Helena Tasić and Mirjana Kostić, Angela and Ivan Nikolić, Jovan and Miloš Ristić, Aleksandar Sajić and Milos Milosavljević, Nataša and Jovan Pekic, Unu Zeljkovic and Tajan Šaldić, Milica and Nemanja Slavkovic – Eight matchmakers who made three pairs of fashionable autumn / winter fashion promotions for Fashion & Friends .

In the tenth, last episode, you will find out what these three pairs are in the opinion of the jury, which was composed of eminent names of the fashion industry, fashion editors, magazine editors, fashion photographers, makeup artists and your viewers' views, the best choice for people who will embellish the campaign. As the recording, painting, and all this happened behind the scenes we are looking at YouTube channel Shmakeup Magazine .

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