SUCCESS ME – OBUCI ME: Una Zeljković and Tijana Šaldić (Episode 8)

In the seventh episode of fashion show and " Make Me Shine – Dress Me " we had the opportunity to meet brother and sister from Novi Sad Natasa and Jovan Pekića . We are getting close to the end, so it's time to get to know another couple who are competing for a place in the fashion campaign Fashion & Friends for the fall / winter 2017/18

Shmakeup Magazine and Fashion & Friends once again made great co-operation through the project "Shut Up Me – Dress Me", which is already slow at the end of your broadcast, and find out which faces will embellish a fashion fall / winter suit 2017/18. In the new eighth episode, two companions will be presented, TIJAJA ŠALDIC and Una Zeljkovic, who at first glance conquer the fantastic energy they send to their surroundings.

Talking about their acquaintance, how long they know each other, how they met, what most people like to do, we have also come up with questions about fashion and style, which no two are lacking. They showed us what they most like to wear, where they would like to see each other, and then they got their own stylish task – rock style .

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<p data-recalc-dims= As we have seen, we will see right now, and we will also hear the expert jury commenting on them, since their comments are the final decision and how it depends, and from the comments of the audience who always chooses their favorites.

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