So you will marry your present boyfriend

You have that feeling that the relationship you are in is quite special. It differs from your experience so far, subjective and objective. You have the feeling that you have found your soul mate, you have good communication, sex is fantastic from the very beginning – but it’s not the biggest thing that connects you to.

You are surprised to see a person like him in general

Everything you think you know about relationships brings you into question – the connection with the most important person in your life crashes stereotypes and contradicts your bad experience You have the feeling that he is completely for you, to fit, supplement and understand without any obstacles. And you do not stop being surprised.

You get completely comfortable in your skin

You may be otherwise relaxed and comfortable and you are good with yourself, but this feeling of total comfort in your skin besides your partner is pretty much dependent on how much your partner accepts, that is from the depth of closeness and aware that you like and that there is nothing unacceptable and repulsive for you. Also, it does not bother your habits that everyone tells you they are fussy and tedious.


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