#ShoesAddict: The only shoe model that will ever be needed for every girl

Maybe Keri Bredsho is in the shoe with every shoe model you see in the cloak when you are walking around the city with a completely different purpose it is not to “buy another pair of shoes” but before you re-engage and re-invest the money in the “lepotice” you really do not have what to wear, it is felt that classics. In this case, the classic for us means – salon! Salons are the shoe model that is lush, universal, unmistakable, no matter what the occasion is, whatever the combination it is. The salons agree with everyone and everything, you can not argue the opposite!

We’ve come across the city’s activities to one of whose salons are all but classic. SHOESTAR wins this autumn with a salon offering that will not leave anyone indifferent The design, the quality and comfort of the model will offer you the ability to “embody” yourself at least one pair and the listener in them. New models are waiting to make a unique, powerful woman from her owner who is doing their daily tasks with ease and high elegance.

The following is what I saw in this salon model: SHOESTAR bids as shoes in which we will be in love forever In accordance with your current mood and fashion “needs” choose those that are created for you!

Powerful Crocodile Salon – Crocodile makes these shoes an absolute must have piece – forever! They are unlikely to be unique. In addition, these salons can be boasted with a very interesting combination of colors – the foundation is bluish, while depending on the light shoes they go pink or green. You can wear this model in casual combinations (jinx + shirts) and in that more formal (dress + jacket). And you will always be heard!

Shoestar Model: CARRANO-130301K-CAB1 REPTILIA-NAVY


For days when you feel like a real Hollywood seductive choose Carrano Salon in bold red nuances At first glance they are classic, but they definitely do not even have an adequate wardrobe to give you a recognizable effect ! And of course do not forget to “round up” your stajling carmine in the same shade.



If you belong to girls who still remain true to the well-known black salon, our proposal is to choose a model that is still a little bit outdated – stylish details, say! Specific material and glossy styling details this salon definitely stand out from other.

Shoestar Model: CARRANO-130354B-CAB1 VELVET-BLACK


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