Pregnancy is a gift: How to prepare and adapt a nursery child? (VIDEO)

The Work That Brings "The Title" of the Mother is really unpreserved. I'm getting it almost every day. Let's have a new concern … Does the baby get stuck, cramps, sleep, teeth … And we've come to kindergartens. Many women wondered about me – when is the best time to go to a nursery school to prepare and adapt a child, whether we should feel guilty about being sent to kindergarten … As always, I can tell my story …

I sent Đurađa to a kindergarten with 2 years and 2 months. Rosa then had 4 months and I actually counted the days until his departure, because I was overdone. Then I began to think – what if he understood it as if I was pushing him out of his mind? I leave him with other women and return to the baby … However, reason overcame me. I've been preparing it for two months. I kept telling her that she was going to play and play, to be a kindergarten, and it would be fun to play there. And indeed, there were no problems in the first two weeks. And it was easier for me to see him hang on and to be really naughty to him. The grief conscientiously let me go after a month, when she spoke completely and started to go to the car. Progress was unbelievable! Within two months of her departure from the nursery she took off diapers and already recited the singers. I would say it's the perfect time to go to kindergarten – two years. Maybe somebody would disagree with me, but you know I have the theory that all the boys are different, so it's all the same, all individually.

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