Museums to Visit: The Wax Museum of Wizards Tiso

The Wax Museum has all the major cities and The Madame Tiso Museum in London has its branches in Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Las Vegas and New York. The attractiveness of wicker figures does not stop, and museums are constantly enriched with new characters, when one deserves his place with his popularity in any area of ​​social life.

In the first hall to be entered during the tour, you will be waiting for the first flash of lightning – because it is a good reception at the place where the most famous actors are placed. Here you will determine how high it is Tom Kruz you will be able to embrace Dordon Cluny to grab your hand Anđelina Džoli make yourself with Kim Kardashian … They are all here, from Merlin Monro to IT, of the most prominent movie aliens.

 kim kardashian and kimi vest Museums to visit: Waxworks Museum Madame Tiso

The biggest attraction of the Madame Tiso Museum is Tamnica where the half-life of the crime, from the French Revolution, through Victorian London, to modern serial killers is verbally shown. More than the theater, but the exhibition, with veritable sound effects, Tamnica is the real home of the horror.

 merilin monro Museums to visit: Wax Museum of Wisdom Madame Tiso

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