Museums to Visit: The Museum of Salvador Dalija

Salvador Dali, Salvador Dali Museum in which she lived for some time, and in the basement of the museum she was buried. Even after his death, his lifestyle did not cease to raise dust in public – in July this year, an exhumation of Dali's body was carried out to take samples of DNA and paternity paternity, approved by the court in Spain at the request of a certain Pilar Abel, who eventually lost in a ten-year campaign of proving that she is a celebrity of a famous painter. The DNA test exacerbated the fact that the bloodline between the artist and the ambitious Pilar did not exist. But her steadfast pursuit certainly proves the kinship of their souls – He argued that the talents were ambiguous without ambition, and he justified and justified their way of life at any time. Pilar, who was talented to draw attention to the public and become known by associating his name with the name of a famous painter, probably led by this joke.

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<p data-recalc-dims= Unlike many famous artists who had nothing to do with their art life except for the creative imperative that sparked them to create masterpieces that made glory and wealth independent of the creators who ended up in the bidding, the madness, the loneliness – He took the thing into his own hands and, besides everything else, created a museum in which he himself was a living exhibit until his death. Much has been said about Dali – Much has been said, obeyed and sold by Dali himself, master of marketing and self-promotion, and you do not have to like it, but you have to respect the fact that the artist, the genius and the integrity person her life exposed the public in many ways. His work, as well as his life, is bizarre, astonishing, scary, morbid, exciting, gorgeous. He gave his creative work cunningly and cynically to the rows of corners, insolently commercializing his art.

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