Men's Types By The Way They Break With Girls

There are several primary types of men, destined to the way they break the ties. Some of them are easy to reveal, fingerprints and foolishness, cowardice, irresponsibility, and may be easier to overcome. And some will go to you, goddess, to investigate.


This artist of disruption simply disappears from your life, and you never hear anything about it, or you hear it much later, when you have already overcome the astonishment and exhale it from all the strength. He has nothing to explain, he skips all the complaints of conscience (because he does not exist), avoids all the unpleasant conversations (that he finds), he imagines that he is the true Don Joan and that he is allowed in love, though not even Knows what love is. Instead, as soon as he gets bored, as soon as he loses his interest, he recovers and disappears. He goes cigars and does not come back. It may be after one night, one month, one year later, that Hudiji do not endure so much in relationships. Indeed, he does not have to explain anything to you, because he is not worth your attention. You slit it and overcome it easier than others.


He keeps the form. Yeah, you're in touch, no, it does not matter, it's all right. But he retraces systematically, step by step. It can last and last, it is easy to move away in all aspects of your relationship and you just wake up one day and realize that for a month you did not have sex (you may have had five or six times in the past five months) that you did not go out together Who knows when and when you do not talk about anything practical or anything. And ask yourself what you're looking for in such a relationship, at the same time wondering how it came to be. Then you try to talk to him, but he is all unhappy and sad, he does not even know what happened to you. Then you suggest that you break up, or take a break, to see what you're going to do, and he's all the miserable and sad to agree with that proposal right away. After a while, you understand who you had work with and how it was a perfidious and cowardly part of it. And then you despise it and overcome it.

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