Makeup Trends for the Spring 2018

Do you think we started to showcase spring collections and innovations? No way. If you are already informed, you will have enough time to prepare yourself for the coming season. Make a selection of your favorites, try out what you like most and when time comes, ready to welcome the spring together with key “representatives” trends.

If you closely follow all the latest makeup trends and are trying to make your appearance look like the one presented in the last Fashion Sleeve – you do not have to be bored of looking for information and photos online , we’ve set aside everything you need. See which are the latest makeup tricks and try them now!

Eye Sensibility

When you bought all those eye palettes you always had a few favorite shades that you often practiced and wondered what your other colors would be and whether you would ever use them. We give you the answer – you want this upcoming spring. If something leaves an impression, then are unusual colors on eye shadows like yellow, purple, navy or turquoise blue and bronze. Improve, combine shades, awaken the artist in the spirit of the spring. Do not be surprised even a drawn print or a printed word on the shutters, something totally chic and impressive. If you still do not have the shades listed, put them on a list of the things you need.

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