Make sure you’re really ready for a connection

If you meet the right man at the wrong time, you will feel miserable, because you will not be able to “click” and even if you feel the kinship and recognition, you will not be able to do more From “click” because for you it is not a moment, you are not really ready for a serious relationship. This means that you have not yet overcome and settled some vital conflicts with yourself and that there are other lessons you need to master before you are able to really love love. These are the signs that you are finally really ready for the connection.

You Do Yourself At Every Moment, As Good as You Are

Your behavior and functioning are no longer a reaction to the circumstances – and every reaction is usually defensive. You are less inclined to adapt your behavior to the situation, have more confidence and confidence, and lead you to position your attitude in situations and circumstances. Not because you are arrogant, but because you offer constructive suggestions and what you care about to do things. For the same reason, where you’ve been upset and annoyed, you now accept other solutions and suggestions, because it does not matter to you to stand out and to be right, but to get the optimum solutions and results. Your willingness to cooperate, as well as your willingness to take things in your hands, come from the same place from what you know exactly what is right and true and what you need to do.

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