Interview: Vera Vuksanović – from a teenager to a visual artist that conquers with its uniqueness + Giveaway

A great number of artists throughout history was just the light of inspiration, and in the 21st century we were able to produce light in different shapes this way we do the artwork of her. Vera Vuksanović is the first visual artist who served neon to create art in this area while in the world of her colleague Tracey Emin, Leila Pazooki, Lisa Shutle as well as Olivia Steele laid the foundations and inspired many, and you and Verus, whom these artists precisely focused on the idea that later developed, shaped and gave her a personal seal. His travels and adventures, Vera, in his Instagram profile, which represents the right refreshment in terms of content, compared to the sea of ​​empty profiles, which we call only influencing the number of followers. Instead of abandoned photos with the Fashion Week and popular clubs, on Verina's profile you can experience the right art symphony of ideas, colors and shapes, and its art blog for unusual emancipation and seeking self-recognition in the depths of feeling. Also for all those who want their space to be graced by one of the Verin 's artistic works, there is also a web of cobwebs.

WANNABE MAGAZINE: What kind of education did you precede your vocation?

VERA VUKSANOVIĆ: I started schooling in Moscow and graduated in Belgrade at the Faculty of Communication and Digital Arts. The duality of such education has provided me with multiple support in what I will later engage in and developed my vision and enthusiastic understanding of the art of communication, but also of communication in the role of art. I would point out that I belong to a group of visual and multimedia artists and artists, because my art is created by observing more tools and senses.

Light installation is definitely your trademark, how did this idea arise?

This idea was born during the study, when I was most inspired by Expressionism and Supematism, to which I was a big lover. In addition, a great influence on me was done by the pioneers of the neon art movement, as well as by Trace Emin, who through biography and confection, through sincerity and transparency, through the works both through sculpture performance and through neon tubes. Minimalism combined with industrialism inspires me and often gives the answer and suggests that 'less is more' is less and more. I love simplicity and uniqueness.

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