Interview: Slaven Došlo, actor

Interview: Slaven Došlo, actor

A few days ago, in the breaks between the trials, we were met by an increasingly popular young actor and absolute teenager of teenagers throughout the whole region. Slaven Došlo We've made this opportunity to talk to a young actor about different topics, and we'll share some of the conversation with you in the few photos that were made on that occasion.

WANNABE MAGAZINE: Tell us more about your current engagements

SLAVEN DO: I'm currently playing the plays that are already on the repertoire. What is most precious is the Heavenly Empire directed by Jernej Lorenc in the National Theater and the Bitef Theater, as well as the well-known Musical Phantom from the opera directed by Juga Radivojević in the Theater of Terazije. All in all, expecting the spring, I'm expecting a new sequel to the series of Military Academy and my graduation film next to me.

Do you prefer a movie or theater?

The film and theater are two completely different media. Creating a movie is a much more controlled process than the birth of a play. Aside from the fact that you can repeat the same frame several times to get different shades, the result will be affected later by all other editing sectors over the image itself. In the theater, carefully store and analyze the preparations while you are leaving yourself and your partner in the moment in front of the audience. Both of them are exciting and interesting in various ways.

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