How You Are Accustomed to Things That Decrease Your Life

Two boring, spotted and super-modern words of diagnosis: Zone of Comfort . It looks like it's a comfortable place where we have everything we need and we're so glad we're not looking anymore. What's wrong then? Why would anyone leave the comfort zone and risk embarrassment when he was perfectly satisfied?
But diagnosis is not in satisfaction but in getting used to dissatisfaction. The comfort zone is not a huge space, a playground for your heart and soul, for your inner child, a shopping center where you have everything, and shopping is free. But what you live in, the attitudes you have, the idleness that you accept and do not try to overcome because you are afraid that you will lose and what you have, fear of going out to the clear, unknown terrain, in the place of your life with whom you can you go anywhere, and you do not know where to go, you do not know what you are going to do and where you will be tomorrow and you are forced to stay at the moment and do not worry about the next. It sounds wildly, scary, uncivilized, primitive, terrible. Who would have the risk of being found on a vetrometina, when he could stay in his eclectic world, though he was a cage sized for those little bigger birds in zoos. And that is why you work, keep going, you're awake at the pace you are accustomed to, and regardless of all the remarks you have in your way of life, all your dissatisfaction and incompetence, you do not dare risk it. You are so familiar.

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