How to improve your relationship (not to deal with any tactics)

Love is far from everything you dreamed about and as long as you are certain you love your partner and want to have a stable relationship and give everything from yourself, it will be difficult. Not only will it be heavy moments and periods – may in fact be good, happy and relaxed moments and periods, and everything else will be more or less difficult all the time. As if you have a base, a line, and a line on which there is a difficult, everyday, ground-floor, regarding differences, intolerance, character, patience and constant appreciation – why do you stay on that line, why do you bear some things, why never change anything to the better, what will all of you and whether you can do better – and the other, wrong line, amplitude, which pulsates up and down and helps to win the love. But sometimes love is an enduringly difficult struggle in which nothing and no one wields and you need to look at the real, reasonable and substantial ways you can make your connection better, to make things easier for you, You give up love and dedication.

Problem Identification

If you were trying to project a picture of happy money, you did it for others, as well as for yourself – you wanted to believe it. But this effort had a bit of a break in the brain and averted constructive energy. Because the lie always works – you're out of your mind and take that energy away until you do it or you rebel. You need to stop living in the illusion of what love should be and to look at the real situation on the ground – and when you do it, then you can do some work. What Is The Major Cause Of The Problem Among You? What Is It That Brings It Into What Makes You Discouraged And Disappointed And What Do You Do? How Much of Love, Fear and Expectation Is Your Relationship? How is it for you, and how about it? As long as the percentage of love is greater than 50, while love is overwhelmed by those who are afraid that no one else will find you and that you will remain alone and expect to find complete self-fulfillment, fulfillment and security, the relationship can be corrected. And that means it develops and deepens.

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