How to Get Rock-Chic Style this Fall?

One of the styles we will especially love this fall is definitely Rock-Chic ! Trend, cool and rebellious, but at the same time feminine and seductive, here’s how you can achieve it in your daily combinations!

Rule No. 1: Carrying “Knit” Boots With All

With “wrinkled” fairing boots every one of your autfit will look somehow cool, cool, without much trouble. Try it yourself – such a couple at a completely new level can raise a simple mix of t-shirts and jinxes, let alone some “copycat” autfit! Choose a model with “block” pliers if you like pajamas, but also the flat models that resemble martinis are great. In this Rock-Chic in this Rock-Chic also look great with trousers and skirts and dresses and all!


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