How the Real Castle looks like "Pepeljuga"

When fairy tales are transferred to a movie, elements of reality are needed to make the story more plausible. Many versions of the "Pepeljas" are carved and played, and in each there is a prince's fortress, the one in which the fatal ballad – is a symbol of royal power and an inevitable part of every fairy tale with princes and princesses and anyone can imagine the castle, outside and inside, as though it were alive in it. Alcázar de Segovia (Alcázar de Segovie), which served as a model for the castle in "Pepeljani" is a medieval building in the old Spanish town of Segovia . There are many castles in Spain, and the oyster, like many others, was originally built as an Arab confirmation, erected on the remains of Roman declarations.

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<p data-recalc-dims= It is first mentioned in 1120 about 32 years after the Christians took the city of Segovi. The castle later served as a royal palace, state prison, Royal Artillery College, and the Army Academy, and of course, as an inspiration to the Cinderella Castle. At the time of the reign of King Alfonso VIII (1155-1214), there was a fortification mainly made of wood. Alfonso, along with his wife, decided to transform the fort into a lavish residency and then laid stone foundations for the walls that are still visible today.

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