How do you talk to yourself with yourself?

In the privacy of your mind, a constant internal dialogue takes place – you are constantly thinking, talking constantly with you and every time your thoughts are focused on how and why you feel when you reconsider your words and procedures, you return a movie of some situations that are unpleasant to you or you care about, you address yourself to these thoughts and images in your head. And whether you feel too tired of yourself, whether you feel guilty, inadequate, incapable, and see yourself as someone who does not find out, make rough and stupid mistakes – the way you treat yourself

Sometimes, we treat ourselves as enemies, as dumbfounders who can not figure out, as unworthy and unreasonable people – as if we were the worst. Ask yourself how do you treat other people you love? Are you talking to friends, kids, animals, and why not? Sometimes you treat your partner – as the worst, or as yourself. This means your partner is a veritable mirror, reflecting your relationship with yourself, lacking in love and respect.
Yes, you sometimes talk to yourself – without love and respect.

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