How Do You Get Out Of The Impact That Criticizes About You?

There are criticisms and criticisms – some are toxic and only speak about the need for another person to humiliate, to poison and to point out to someone screaming. And there are also those that you need to pay attention to, because they point to the things you miss, which you are not aware of and need to overcome. Criticism always hurts, but you do not always have to defend it and think that the one who criticizes you is an evil man. After all, how you stand for criticism is about how mature and stable you are.

People are No Obstacles On Your Way

People are people, people like you. Someone has a bad day and is not very kind to you, somebody is generally unkind to everyone, someone is very kind but does not express their true opinion. Those who point you to criticism, not a barrier to your journey, but the person you interact with – or you will not. Sometimes criticism is given with full authority and justification, and then you will only accept the word and try to correct what has turned your attention to. And sometimes you will recognize that the critic is far from being objective and that he only processes a personal story through what he refers to you. Sometimes one’s perspective, the angle from which you look at what you do and the remarks you have, shine the whole thing in a whole new way and you’ll be grateful for criticism, but for any praise. So how to deal with criticism depends on how objective you are, how much you are aware of your motives, attitudes and perspectives, as well as the motives, attitudes and perspectives of other people.


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