Horoscope reveals: What are the triggers for your anxiety?

Horoscope reveals: What are the triggers for your anxiety?

You have experienced the state, moments and times of anxiety and you know enough to know how you can not choose and what brings you into this state of affairs. The horoscope says that every sign has its own characteristic triggers for anxiety, and you see if there is any truth in it – for you and those close to you.


You're afraid your life around you can not really work without you and you never take a break. You always have something else to do and you do it, steadfast, active, fighting, even when you feel you are not at the end of strength, but that you have no power at all. Make an experiment. Take a break, stop, rest, let it go. You will be astonished when you see how everyone can manage to organize without you, and how everything goes on going, and if you do not push anything, you do not pull and do not wear.


The state of anxiety introduces you the fear that you will not arrive – you will miss the deadlines, you will not arrive at the meeting time and then someone will be very angry at you, and you will endure it hard. It makes you sick – that someone is disturbed, disturbed and angry for you. Stressing with such thoughts, really bring yourself into a situation that is about to come up for something in the last moment, but that story is completely in your mind and the problems seem bigger than you are. Just lightly, breathe deeply and believe in yourself – you are good enough.

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You let yourself be mad for the little things that do not depend on you and you can not control them. When you get on a trip to a car instead of screaming and lying down, be happy with yourself and grateful for your reflexes that you've done right. Use your imagination and the rich activity of your mind to turn your attention away from the nonsense that annoys you – it's not yours to be nervous that someone misunderstood a word or misses an impasse.


Your anxiety breaks the ceiling when you feel unwell – you need a bodigard, or some ritual, prayer, a mantra for a sense of security, or you will crawl the phobias from the elevator, stay in the dark, get out of the open space. This insecurity is a body of expression of your fear that someone will hurt you if you know what you think and feel and you can deal with it only by direct confrontation. Take a deep breath and say what you think and feel – you will see that nothing terrible will happen except that you will feel the liberating effect of expression, inserting suppression

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