Hairstyles of Famous Girls We Want To Immediately "Scratch"

New Season, New Hairstyle . It is certainly desirable that after the sea, sun and salt, you take some of your hair and change your appearance. The world’s IT girls have done it already. Depending on your mood, the transformation may be small or large, but whatever it is, it will certainly not go unnoticed. One can safely say that – the nineties are back in fashion !


Her hair always seems to be perfectly standing without any effort. Her bob is an ideal length that gives her the ultimate freedom of wearing a straight hair for a day, and the next mildly scraped or even tangled hair.


Chrissy Teigen

A bit longer hairstyle than the previous one. This long or short hair is ideal for those who are afraid of sudden changes. If you are not sure that the short bob is what you want, then this length is the right thing for you.


Bella Hadid

In her case scissors are artificial, but this is one of the hairstyles that she wears 50 years ago and she is wearing it now


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