Girl Crush Monday: Dua Lipa

Although it is quite obvious that the most disadvantaged day of mankind is Monday, when all weekends end in the new working week and the duties are waiting for the crowd, it is certain that it is actually a bit magical as it gives corrections and a new beginning. He forgets and forgives last week because "n ew Monday, New Week, New Goals" and allows us to delete, rewrite, and set a new rule list. And when we are already in the rules, what better is the new beginning of the week than " New rules " young authors Dua Lipe ?


Captured us with a dynamic butterfly and with fantastic aesthetics and captured the video that let us go to repeat but also reminded us of everything we said a million times that we would no longer do . Or we should not. The music of these twenty-two-year-olds is no doubt pop, but progressive, and different, and as he himself says there is a certain darkness in her lyrics and stories. But this is certainly not the mystifying and refuting darkness, but quite the opposite, attracted by its directness and sincerity. In her poems, she recognizes the same feeling that is in us both Pink and Neli Furtado, which she does not accurately quote as her references and inspiration.

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