Gestures Speech That Look Bad

Our bodies have their own language, and they are not always friendly and predictable. Gestures we do unconsciously may look bad and sabotage important business and personal relationships, so you have to think about what your body is saying to the collocutors. Movements are part of us, so if you are aware of yourself and your feelings at any given time, then you do not have to be unconscious to defend, that is, to send a message that you would never say and which is only vaguely present at the bottom of your brain. “Grammatical” body language mistakes can be fully documented about yourself and about the message you want to send to the communicator

Quick gestures with your hands

“Pretended gesture, quick gestures with your hands as you speak, can act as if you” stretch out “the truth – you’re frustrated, overwhelmed, transformed, so what you say sounds better. So these moves deny the impression you want to achieve. You might be waving your hands too much, because you are not sure you are choosing the right words, so you really fill in what you’re missing in your movements, but it does not look good. The hands do not need to divert you and make wide moves – gestures of self-confidence and sincerity are small movements of the spread of the hand and showing of the palms that you make in front of yourself, without disturbing one’s personal space

Hands Armed on Breasts

This gesture states that is not open to what the interlocutor exposes. Even if you smile and you have humorous comments, the other person will feel as if you are away, you are evaluating, and you are not satisfied with that assessment. If you want them to see you as open and interested, do not keep your hands closed during conversation.


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