#funfacts: What Wine You Drink About About You?

Another tiring and endlessly long day. You come home, you throw a bag and a coat away from the door without thinking, you drop the shutter, you let your favorite, light music and come up with your "glass". You do not know why, but you can not drink wine from any glass. It knows the order! Wine? Already in the first breath you feel the nerve's throbbing and catching the carefree carelessness happiness. You feel a little bit guilty that it's just your way to "scrub" a day, but your luck has no price. After all, drinking wine is a real art! Life Style!

If you passionate wine lovers and not only see the truth, but the right amount of enjoyment, you certainly have your little rituals. "Your glass" (and do you actually know, for example, a certain music, a certain mood, and perhaps wine only on special days, in a special "drink" (19459005) opportunities – special types? Regardless of whether you like to relax by the French wine or another, that "color" you want to see in your glass tells you a lot about you as a personality. However, as the wine definitely does not fall into "white" and "black" we have prepared for you a more detailed analysis of your favorite drink, as well as your personality

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<h1 data-recalc-dims= Sauvignon Blanc

"Sovinjon" is one of the most famous and most popular varieties of wine with a specific taste, a sharp and provocative smell. Do you already find the epithets of this recognizable white wine? Just like that, you can not be ignored. You're all in the center of attention, even when you do not want it, because you're sparkling with a special energy that nobody can remain indifferent You love to take the lead, you do not fear the roles of the leader, and you love to live in a fairy tale – luxurious, luxurious, entertaining and unforgettable!

Pinot Grigio

This light, fresh wine with an overwhelming note of citrus is designed to "exclude" the reality! If you love him, you live in your world, often too far from reality, you love to imagine and enjoy the most to be alone, with your favorite book and, of course, the glass of wine! In special moments, you are delving with your rituals with a very special person. You like to hang out, but only with your choice and you do not allow people to get close to you. Your attention and your company should be deserved because you know how much you value and how special you are.


One of the most famous French wines is for sophisticated people who know what they want and know how to achieve it! For you there is no irrefutable task, an irresistible situation or problem – you are smelly and ready for anything, and what a video as a challenge is for you. You just know that you enjoy life and everybody wants to be as big as day!

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