Forgiveness does not always mean to continue relationships

Forgive the lips, represent redemption, raise the spirit, whether you give it or you are receiving it It is wonderful to release the charge and pain in this way, knowing that someone has given you another chance, or that you are able to accept the apology after you are broken and injured and so release your own and another’s heart. ]

Forgiveness is Powerful But sometimes, especially in emotional ties, we forgive the wrong people, that is, we forgive them in the wrong way – by allowing ourselves to continue relationships and stay in touch. In that case, forgetting and continuing, we give the other person the greatest chance of hurting us and bringing it back to the point where we are trying to forgive.

Keeping you close to someone who hurt you, you may think you should forgive to save the relationship, fix things, give someone a chance to finally get in and take advantage of the potential that you only see and believe in. It does not mean that your feeling is not good because it is not up to you and your feeling – a bigger part is for a person who is easier to use your tolerance and generosity than to face with yourself and change something in your own. This is often a very subtle game, which takes place at an unconscious level, even without great drama, but with great energy consumption. The one you constantly forgive is exhausting you, he never changes your behavior and attitudes, and you feel that you are not entirely in your own and in that refusal to look at things, you might even develop a psychosomatic.


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