Find out what you are as a partner to the horoscope

Horoscope interprets your virtues and weaknesses as a partner, as someone who devoted love to someone and strives to survive the relationship – by ranking partners from the worst to the worst Look at where your horoscope puts you as a girl and you deserve that position.


You may be the toughest critic (and the worst enemy) but your partner will never treat yourself like that. Devojka Strelac raises her partner, braves him and helps him discover his full potentials. They are selfless and always put another in the first place. This can lead to the suppression of one's own feelings and needs, which can lead to conflict in relation. Trust is the most important thing for them, they never betray, think deeply, they like endlessly, think about how their actions affect others, they are painful, vile and sincere.


Initially, the Fish are very shy, but when someone is released into their world, he quickly realizes that he is dealing with a wonderful person. Devojka Fish is a worthy trust, always on the side of its partner, support in everything. All the senses, the catch of the signals the partner is not aware of, follows his body language and comes out to meet him as if he were reading his thoughts. It is never malignant, and if a partner's injury accidentally makes it all clear.


Devojka Capricorn is a perfectionist born in an endeavor to always do his best and to be a dominant partner. He will guard his partner's back and watch for him more than he alone will always give him a good, practical and sensible advice and he will be able to stand on it They are difficult to open, but once they worship their hearts, they are bloodthirsty, devoted and dedicated – they are the true guardians and deny their relationship in all ways, because they are the people they love the most important in their lives.

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As the most lazy sign of the zodiac, the Libra is on the fourth place as a partner. She struggles to avoid any conflict, but sometimes negates and suppresses problems, which are why they escalate. She always does and often fails to set her own needs as a priority and she never asks for a partner what she wants and what she needs. It always works optimistically and happily, but when some injury is done, the scales are very deep. She is also one of the most popular characters in the horoscope, is very social and many people know and seek her attention so it is very important for her partner to be full of understanding, not to be jealous and seductive, because there is really no reason to do so. Her sense of belonging is kept vernacular and devoted, but does not suffer spontaneity and denial of freedom.

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