Everything we know about the eighth season of "Game of Thrones"

In our post, the situation is as follows: there are a group of those who have followed the Game of Thrones from the very beginning, some have read books , of course, it is about the fervent fans; there is a group of us who are almost watching the series and are too enthusiastic and we are wondering why we did not watch the series of sorceries before and there is a group of those who are in the gossip of new-born “fugitives” are encouraged to begin to look at this truly phenomenal series. So while the first morning coffee is being scanned, the scenes and USBs with new episodes are exchanged … Vesela’s working atmosphere

I’m in this second group and the first six I watched until the seventh season, the seventh “swallowed” together with the whole world – and what am I going to do until the eighth season? I never had to wait so long to see what’s going to happen and now I just do not know how to behave! Even when I hear I have to wait until 2019. year … Well great!

Still, we will survive until then. By the way, maybe you should “enter” and let a new series. (While we’re “up to the grave” GOT!) And while we wait, here’s what we know about Game of Thrones season 8.

This is the last season

This sounds and is obvious, but many hoped it might still be some more seasons. It will not. There is a great love for the series, an even greater interest, but there is a certain specific plan for how the season and episode will be how everything will be organized and recorded so – that is it. They have to listen to their superiors!

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