DIY: Make a perfect piece of just one silk scarf

If you want to try something new, something original you do not see every day on the street, then we have the right thing for you! All you need is a silk scarf that you can dream in many different ways. One thing is certain – your autfit will not go unnoticed, plus, there are great chances that many girls will try to dig up this guy.

You stand in front of a full poster, of course you do not have anything to dress up, put on your own, you’re wearing a single silk scarf and a problem! You are ready to go to town. It can not be simpler than this and at the same time it is striking enough to attract everyone’s attention. You probably did think that silk scarf came out of the fashion and you connected them exclusively to the ladies of certain years, which is certainly not the case. Just take a look at Rijanin’s profile and see how she enjoys by the pool by wearing just one such mug instead of the upper part of the swimsuit. Of course, it was not the first one to start this trend, but it definitely made it additionally popular. This look will make you look chic and cool without any effort, and this is actually the greatest fashion achievement. Thanks to a marama you will have at least five new and different tops, which can not possibly be harmed.


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