A History of Hysteria History, or How We Become Unhappy (BLOG)

From the history of civilization we expect to be a story of mankind's progress, from the discovery of fire, to aircraft, and technological miracles that testify to the superiority of the human mind. But that is just the part of the story we like to listen to and the perspective from which it is pleasing and encouraging to observe the humanity. Monstrous and bloody details prefer to be elegantly overlooked, though we have to be blind and deaf, not to mention how they developed, progressed, and evolved along with the human race. Only a few years ago burning on a firing was common practice in a well-groomed community, and that part of horrible stories about the development of the human mind and spirit contains the glib bias of women and women, still falling from the Middle Ages in the 21st century, as if the timeless clock of history was working upright.

Histories – Uncharted Diagnosis of Women's Part of Humanity

In the eighties of the last century it started to emerge from use as probably gender and politically incorrect, and in the meantime new diagnoses have emerged, and this is overcome. As. In the depths of the male minds, this diagnosis is still the only relevant one, and the only limb is enhanced with bacromycin, because women are hysterical because they are inadequate . In other words, the term is inspired by the Greek word for the mater, and in fact, we are women – equipped for birth (and for multiple orgasms) – the essence of our inadequacy, that is, hysteria. And what if that is in essence the truth? Girls, women, mom, instantly boost the kuru Perhaps this will not suit your boys, husbands, and lovers, but if a student is to engage in mental health, then everything else is less important.

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