When we talk about about the autumn dresser and trends it often happens that we are “running” and we are exceeding the limits of our budget, not only do not get everything we want but what we buy is just one season and it’s hard to fit with the wardrobe we already have. In a nutshell – female muke!

This is why specially loves the new collection of the Italian Imperial which is known for providing its customers with the trendy pieces of the highest quality and top design and at affordable prices! In the new collection you can find all the current trends – from velvet to to tart print!

" In addition to Imperial pieces boho-chic Italian Dixie brand and denim Please are also available in Serbia – currently worn around all popular trendseterki in italy – what can be seen on Instagram profiles Alice Campello and Alice Basso !

For his autumn editorial, the Italian brand Imperial fashion once again selected the popular Serbian actress Nina Janković and Tamara Dragičević and the editorial was shot in Venice and on a small, lovely the island of Burano . Below we will disclose which 10 pieces we want to have – right now!


“Ciao” is our first #musthave favorite ! T-shirt in red with message We especially like it that we can easily imagine it in combination with jin and pharmacy but also with some fantastic skirt like this midi padded model on the fold! Extra bounces? This model was made in always-for-fall-of-autumn with a crimson print and has a high waist that exquisitely highlights the figure! Goes shopping basket immediately


Why take only one when you can have two? In addition to the T-shirt with the words “Amore” (but also the romantic hairstyle that Nina carries and we will first excavate it!), We especially like chestnut plumper jacket ! ]

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