When the world of the makeup emerged as the biggest trend, nothing else would have seemed to be because everything that was done was the greatest trend for strobing makeup the girls who wanted on their face were very stretched lines and clearly separated parts of the cheeks, cheeks, chin line … However, it can be said of all happiness, this trend is slowly forgetting, or at least mitigated, all in favor of The face has a fresh, glossy look that is best achieved by storbing technique in makeup.

technique means that most hair is applied to the hair, to make it lighter, but not to look like a stain from excessive sebum secretion that is inherent to the fatty type of skin, but so much to shine to keep the skin healthy, shiny and perfect. The secret is concealed in applying hairbrush to certain facial features, on the tip of the cheekbone, below and above the eyebrow, at the top of the upper lip, at the tip of the nose. And until now, the shades of hair were mostly pale, silvery, pinkish, until his makeup collection did not make the revolution and inserted hair color in lavender color makeup trend fall that has already begun
 royal makeup 3 Hair Salon Lavender is the largest autumn trend for strobing makeup technique! "Width =" 670 "height =" 1005 "title =" Hair color lavender is the largest autumn trend for strobing makeup technique!
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