8 Most Designed Zamas That Exist

Whether or Not True, Fairy Tales are somewhat true. It’s probably not going to be a prince on a horse in the morning tomorrow, and you will fall off of your leg, nor will your pet talk at once, but what’s really real is that some of the dances from Dizichi’s stories can be seen live. Many of them have actually inspired those already existing, which brings us at least a little bit of fairy and magic into our daily lives.

‘Snake and Seven Daggers’, Alcazar castle, Spain

Allegedly the castle of the Evil Queen was designed on the basis of this fortress in Segovia, which played a greater role than it was built in the 12th century. This castle is now a museum, so if you ever find yourself somewhere near Spain, you must visit it.


Tangled ‘, Mont San Michel France

Tangled is an animated film in which the main heroine Goldilocks is not familiar with the fact that she is in such a trap. This magnificent fortress in France is obviously an inspiration for creating a trap in the film. It is a little to say that the resemblance is obvious.


‘Beauty and the beast’, Chateau de Chambord France

For all those lovers of the original version Beauty and the beast as well as the latest in which she plays Ema Votson this is a conceived churn where the so-called zver lives. The people who worked on the animated version of the movie have visited this fascinating chateau and chose it just as a place where they live an hour, a teacup, a poster and a clerk to talk about.


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