7 beauty trends for the next season for which you need to know

“Is it a shadow out?”, “How do I get an ice cream?”, “Is it a luster again, right?” Replies to your questions do not look any where – we present you all key beauty trends for the fall of 2017. for which you have to know, purely to be in the process and adjust yourself to your own style!


Of course, braids! Nevertheless, before you go to “lace” all the hair, know that now IN has a “wild”, dripped hair that you will just thin thin braids In addition, you can decorate the braids with perls or other cool accessory to achieve the perfect effect. So, this will be a “top” hairstyle in the coming months!


“Polar” manicure

It is not the point that your nails are scratched, but the point is that combines two colors, mostly opaque and opaque in a dark autumn color as shown in the photo. Geometric and Asymmetric and so perfect. The good thing is that this manicure is really appropriate for any occasion, especially if you wisely choose colors.


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