Alas, you just wonder how nice it was when you were young and when you was rushing to bed every night, just to make Listen to your mom or dad telling you stories for a good night while you’re happy, calm, with your smile on your face and your favorite honey in your hands, you’re in deep sleep. Husband, so it would be good if he would now have grown up and alone (as) with the same feeling when you come to the apartment in the evening and drop into bed. And you have to do it, so it would be good if you could so well be so good now! But no. Sadly, but true, our story for a good night is now a mobile phone and a social network of choice. Personally, I prefer Instagram. And should I emphasize how many times I’ve only worn more tired than I was when I was lying ?

Of course, it is clear that such a way of falling asleep is not at all healthy, and does not provide you with a good sleep. And it is clear that it would be cool if you could listen to stories for a good night to relax and fall asleep “as a man.” But, is there a bit of shame about the fact that you need a story for a good night?


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