Nothing can ruin a great autfit like a pair of shoes that “kill you” while you wear them! Fortunately, now more than ever before, the patties can be carried with less or anything you can imagine!

Although has always played one of the major roles of classic “normcore” phantasms, this brand has long since lost its most elegant and modern waters And the best example of this is the perfect, new and overwhelmed look of the well-known 574 model!


One of the most famous sneaker silhouettes this year “revived” in a completely different, redesigned spirit, and with the new ” Step forward and thus demonstrated fashion dominance over all the other patics.

The new 574S model has a silhouette that is perfectly “played” with the classic design of sports shoes and elegant urban style that is so important If we choose the shoes we choose, we want to wear both the jeans and the more elegant dresses!

" The top part of the rug is made of high quality, extremely light skin, while the lily is decorated with well-known New Balance shades, gray, blue and red. In order to achieve a complete “premium” appearance, the New Balance logo, letter N, is enriched with reflective white material – the detail we like!

The model is available in 5 shades – Gray, Copper Rose, Lavender, Black and White – and below we suggest you to pick up women’s models

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