5 Decisions That You Can Bring DANAS to Lead a Greater Happiness

How often do you happen to stop and wonder Are you happy where you are, on a private, business, romantic level? It is normal for each of us to ask at one point whether it is – that? Is our life just a vicious cycle in which we are learning, going to work, paying bills, and trying to find time for friends, family, fun and dreams?

Life is more than the sum of all the daily habits we do "with the brain", but for that happiness and fulfilling life, sometimes a little more effort is needed. So today you discover the five choices you can make NOW to make you live better and more fortunate Maybe you will need a little time and exercise,

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Make a decision to … live the moment!

Slow down and focus on what is happening in front of you. When you are in the company, do not look at the phone every five minutes. In other words, pay full attention to what you are doing. You can not be happy if you are distracted or worried about something. It costs a leap any time, because it will pass very fast!

Make a decision to … be what you are

Take some time for self-knowledge. Do you listen to the music you are listening to, because you really like it or because everyone is listening to it? The same applies to other things If you are constantly trying to be something you are not in to meet the expectations of others, you will surely stay fast without energy and joy!

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<h1 data-recalc-dims= Make your decision to … accompany your dreams

Do not give up on your dreams! Even if you do not succeed in something, at least you will not ask "what would it be if it were." If you put your dreams on the shelf, you will never be completely happy.

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